3 foodie spots in Nairobi

Nairobi is definitely a food spot. This city is a mix of different cultures and you can feel it in the food scene . I didn’t have the opportunity to try a lot during my 48H-stay but these 3 places really worth a visit! 

The Tin roof café

There is so much things to say about this little place in the suburb of Nairobi. The old fashioned atmosphere is lovely. Metal chairs with floral cushions, comfy couch, old pictures framed on the wall, everything is inviting.


The service is really great and food was delightful. We went there for breakfast and the eggs benedict on toast were absolutely perfect and savoury , I am still thinking of it. We also tried their delicious pancakes (french style not the american one) . Open from morning ,they do also lunch and are not open for dinner. This spot is perfect if you want to have a brunch and if you have kids the playground is great.


Around the café, you will find several boutiques to shop made in Kenya products.

Tin roof café ( Langata)


Nyama Mama 

Welcome to the afrofusion restaurant you are looking for since a while! Nyama mama will serve you delicious african food but with a little twist to make it more sexy. I mean we all love ugali but eating ugali fries is clearly a different experience than the classic version we all know. For the main I choose their beefsteack with mashed potatoes and it was very good, the burger of my husband was very generous , perfect if you are really hungry. Cocktails there are just amazing. They look good and they are. Open all day long, it is also a good place to hang out with friends or group. The decor is very impressive and the mix of african and industrial style is a very nice combo!



Nyama Mama ( Westlands)


A nice little restaurant in Loresho area where you will find a short but delicious menu from breakfast to dinner. Juices are freshly made as all the rest. The croque monsieur was excellent and is a really good option for a quick lunch. You can also find waffles, pulled pork, paninis,… The place is spacious and can be perfect if you need to work during the week. Because the name was intriguing I look on their website and discover the idea behind: the Wasp symbolizes the resilience of Africa and its people. Sprout, the new beginning and growth of our team.  A very nice project and a wonderful place to chill. 


Wasp&Sprout ( Loresho Ridge Road)

Don’t forget to also take time to visit Boho Eatery , it was my coup de coeur!

4 réponses sur « 3 foodie spots in Nairobi »

  1. Wah ca a l’air aussi beau que bon! C’est cool que tu puisse faire des articles sur des pays d’Afrique, ça change des clichés que l’on nous passe a longueur de journée. Je dois faire la cote d’Ivoire en fin d’année, tes photos me donnent déjà l’envie d’y être , je sais que ce n’est pas le meme pays mais l’Afrique dans sa globalité est magnifique!


    1. Tout à fait. Il est temps de sortir des clichés et de montrer ce merveilleux continent comme il est. Riche, intéressant et beau! Je me réjouis de visiter un max de destinations africaines et de les partager.


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