Brussels 48h : the ultimate foodie guide!

Brussels is a beautiful city , and if you have the opportunity to visit, let me help you with my favorite food spots! For the cultural or shopping part, you will find lot of information on the internet, I will just recommend you to walk a lot. The beauty of this city is in its streets where you can make a lot of beautiful encounters!

So now let’s talk about food!

Breakfast or brunch?  «Peck 20»  is located in rue jourdan and this place is perfect for a good breakfast before exploring the city. Eggs in varied styles, coffee and tea, in a warm atmosphere.

In the same area, you could also choose to have a wonderful brunch at «La fabrique en ville». For 29 euros you will have access to an amazing buffet and a glass of champagne, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to book your table!


For a more classic Belgian option , you can go to one of « le pain quotidien», a Belgian franchise . Excellent viennoiseries, good coffee and amazing bread.

Lunch time : «oliban» is a Lebanese restaurant. The mezze is one of a kind and it is the best you can find in Brussels. They also make an amazing sandwich called shawarma and you can have it to go if you are in a hurry!

Nuovo rosso is a small Italian restaurant, food is just what you can expect from an italian menu. Fresh pasta served in the pan as if you were eating at your italian grandma’s place. Book before coming, it seems to be full for lunch and dinner.

Nuovo Rosso
Nuovo Rosso

Dinner time : you know ( or maybe not), in Europe food really is a big deal. If you want to have a beautiful experience there is one address to consider : «La villa Emily»! This restaurant is a one star in the Michelin guide so this option is not cheap but , you will not regret one cent! You can eat at the bar and look at the chef and his team as they cook or go upstairs for a more classical seating. The sommelier will help you to choose between their delicious selection. You need to book in advance. Lunch is also excellent.


If you want a more typical Belgian taste, try « le Zinneke» . This bistrot is well known for their amazing mussels . The place is full of Belgian references. Forget the very touristic Chez Leon and go there, you will love it!

Le zinneke
Le zinneke

If you prefer the bistronomy I would recommend you two adresses: Selecto near the grand place ( city center) or le transvaal. Both are great and will give you a very happy and tasty moment with the creativity of the chefs. ( lunch or dinner)!


If you try these places, let me know what you think about!


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