Boho Eatery

Located in the very residential area of Karen, Boho Eatery will offer you a lovely and serene space for breakfast, brunch or lunch. The place was well recommended and was totally worth the trip. Beautiful setting in a big and luxurious garden, with a lovely patio. You totally understand the name when you arrive there : a lovely bohemian atmosphere is the best way to describe the place.

The menu is short but very distinctive of other place because it is mainly vegetarian. Of course there is some meat for the unconditional. For the drinks, you can enjoy whatever you wish: wine, beers, gin & tonic or delicious lemonade and iced tea. I took the hibiscus and basil lemonade and it was absolutely delicious. The basil and hibiscus mix is just a perfect match.


Then, we choose the Falafel platter and two small bites : Totones and Guacamole and sate chicken, and again it was a hit. Delicious babaganoush, falafel and an amazing beetroot hummus, very tasty guacamole and the chicken sate ‘s sauce was one of the best I ever had ( and i eat a lot of sate it is one of my favorite dish).


Did I mention that the service was lovely? Very attentive, not too pushy, just as it has to be . We were almost full, but when the waiter mentionned the brownie we couldn’t resist. And we didn’t regret at all. Not too sweet, a strong chocolate taste and served with vanilla ice cream, our sweet tooth was perfectly satisfied!

As you can see, Boho eatery was a blast and if you are in Nairoby, you should try this little gem! Near the restaurant you will also find a lovely photography Gallery , Upepo Gallery, where you can buy amazing photography (framed or not) of Kenya.

BOHO Eatery  +254727502416

60 Ndovu Road, Hardy, Karen, Nairobi

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