Sukuma House à Diani Beach

Nous avions prévu de retourner à Diani en avril, puis comme tout le monde le sait, en avril on était tous chez nous et les frontières étaient fermées. J’avais trouvé cette charmante maison d’hôtes, Sukuma et quand on a décidé, un peu sur un coup de tête de s’envoler en septembre, ça faisait sens de recontacter notre hôte. Cette maison à l’architecture typiquement swahili m’avait tapée dans l’oeuil sur les photos et je ne fus pas déçue en la découvrant à notre arrivée.

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3 foodie spots in Nairobi

Nairobi is definitely a food spot. This city is a mix of different cultures and you can feel it in the food scene . I didn’t have the opportunity to try a lot during my 48H-stay but these 3 places really worth a visit! 

The Tin roof café

There is so much things to say about this little place in the suburb of Nairobi. The old fashioned atmosphere is lovely. Metal chairs with floral cushions, comfy couch, old pictures framed on the wall, everything is inviting.

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Boho Eatery

Located in the very residential area of Karen, Boho Eatery will offer you a lovely and serene space for breakfast, brunch or lunch. The place was well recommended and was totally worth the trip. Beautiful setting in a big and luxurious garden, with a lovely patio. You totally understand the name when you arrive there : a lovely bohemian atmosphere is the best way to describe the place.

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Bright and beautiful apartment in Nairobi ( Airbnb )

Nairobi is a beautiful and vibrant city. If you have the possibility to do a citytrip , you definitely should! Even if you are going on  safari in Magical Kenya, take some time for Nairobi : you will not regret it!

There is plenty hotels, but I am a airbnb addict. I love the idea to have a place for my own, to enjoy the city as a local for few days and following my rythm.

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