Le Brandy Bus , un Airbnb insolite à Nairobi

Si je vous dis qu’à Nairobi, il existe un bus anglais au fond d’un superbe jardin et que ce bus peut accueillir jusque 6 personnes pour y loger, me croyez-vous ? Je vous avoue que même moi en découvrant cet endroit j’ai douté. Et pourtant, le Brandy Bus existe et je vais vous expliquer en quelques mots pourquoi vous aller adorer réserver ce logement !

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3 foodie spots in Nairobi

Nairobi is definitely a food spot. This city is a mix of different cultures and you can feel it in the food scene . I didn’t have the opportunity to try a lot during my 48H-stay but these 3 places really worth a visit! 

The Tin roof café

There is so much things to say about this little place in the suburb of Nairobi. The old fashioned atmosphere is lovely. Metal chairs with floral cushions, comfy couch, old pictures framed on the wall, everything is inviting.

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Boho Eatery

Located in the very residential area of Karen, Boho Eatery will offer you a lovely and serene space for breakfast, brunch or lunch. The place was well recommended and was totally worth the trip. Beautiful setting in a big and luxurious garden, with a lovely patio. You totally understand the name when you arrive there : a lovely bohemian atmosphere is the best way to describe the place.

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