Visit Rwanda !

I love this short video . In about 8 minutes , you will have a nice preview of why Rwanda worth a trip! For Enjoy and see you soon in Rwanda !

Cette courte vidéo est vraiment magnifique. Si vous hésitez encore à ajouter le Rwanda à votre liste de voyages, prenez 8 minutes pour regarder ça ! À bientôt, au Rwanda !

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Casa Keza : Tapas bar in Kigali

A little touch of Andalusia, beautiful blue painted walls, comfy seating inside or in the garden, Casa Keza is one of the recent addition of the Kigali food scene. Located in Kacyiru, this little restaurant is a must go. Open all day long, you will find coffee, breakfast ,tapas and fast wifi.
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The Beach house in Gisenyi ( Airbnb )

I love Airbnb. When we arrived in 2014, this service was almost unavailable. Since then , hopefully for me, the offer has increased. What I love with Airbnb is to have the comfort of a home and this feeling that you live there… Even if it is for 3 days only. With kids it is really great, you can follow their rythm, they have more place to play and can make more noise. With friends also ( for the exactly same reasons 🙂 ).

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One degree south in Gisenyi

If you don’t know me yet, I must confess that food is really really important for me ! One thing that I love is to discover new place with good food. Since two days, we are in Gisenyi. A beautiful city located near the Kivu Lake. And today, i spotted a new sign near the lake shore and decided to try it with the hubby. And it was WONDERFUL !


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Lunch time in Kigali : Chap Chap

There is a lot of options for lunch in Kigali . Places where you can find indian, african, or asian food with most of the time buffet for the lunch. But if you are not in a buffet mood, i have something for you ! It is a small place but never crowded so you can just come by and order. The place is called Chap Chap, who means « quick ». It can also refer to the chapati that you can take there. There is actually two locations : one in Nyamirambo, the other one in Kicukiro. Food is the same at the two locations but my pictures has been done at Kicukiro.

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Nyamirambo Women Center

La coopérative des femmes de Nyamirambo, aussi appelée Umutima, est une ONG rwandaise . L’atelier couture jouxte la boutique où ces femmes vendent différents objets en pagne ou en vannerie qu’elles ont fabriqués. Des vêtements, des accessoires, des paniers, mais aussi des sacs. Le kitenge est l’élément central de leurs créations, et comme il s’agit d’une petite production, vous pouvez considérer votre pièce comme unique. Cette boutique est le lieu idéal pour faire (ou se faire) des petits cadeaux.

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