Paradis Kivu Resort in Gisenyi

If you know Gisenyi, you know the emblematic Paradis Malahide. Since few months, the owner of this hotel has opened a new one,  called Paradis Kivu Resort. You will recognize the design style but here it is with a little bit more of luxury. Located after the Bralirwa, near the Congo Nile Trail , Kivu Paradis is a little gem on the shore of Lake Kivu . When you arrive, you will walk to a little path surrounded by luxuriant plants and flowers to join the lobby of the hotel. You will immediately feel all the serenity and calm this place has to offer.

All the walls are made with the volcanic rocks of the Virunga, the furnitures are in wood and covered by beautiful and bright kitenge. From the lobby, you can join a small terrace with a direct view to the lake. You will also see the herbs garden, because here what you eat come almost always from the garden . From there, you will guess the location of the different cabins thanks to the red tiles roofs that appear through the lush garden.


All rooms are located around the main house ( lobby & restaurant) and have a impressive view. The rooms are very spacious and the local materials are still used for everything : floor, roof, walls, beds… And it brings a lot of harmony to this afro-chic decor.

Due to the fact that the hotel is a outside the city center, the calm here is incredible. It is the perfect choice if you need to relax and even in staying only 24 hours you will feel the benefits.

The breakfast is included in the price and it is a very complete one ( pancakes, fruit salad and juice, eggs etc) , for lunch and dinner, you have the à la carte menu with of course some tilapia, the fried sambazas but also some classic dishes.

In the afternoon, you can go to the little beach, enjoying the lake or just have a nap on one of the beach bed. The hotel can also organize a boat tour for you if you want.

the lake
the garden

The staff is very friendly, and will take really good care of you . They are attentive and super professional .

As you can see, I enjoyed a lot my 24 hours gateway there, it was a pure moment of bliss. It is just as their name a true paradise lodge ! Definitely one of my favorite hotel in Rwanda.

To book with them you can use  .

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