Cours de Cuisine à Kigali

Il y a deux ans, j’avais déjà eu l’occasion de tester l’un des tours qu’ils organisent du quartier de Nyamirambo. Une demi-journée passée dans les ruelles vibrantes de ce quartier que j’affectionne , guidé par des jeunes qui y ont toujours vécu. Après le tour, nous avions lunché à la maison d’Aminata, une des membres de la coopérative. Le lunch m’avait laissée un doux souvenir. La cuisine d’Aminata est influencée par ses origines congolaises, c’est super gourmand, les plats sont mijotés longtemps et ça me rappelait clairement la cuisine de ma maman, qui elle aussi a grandi au Congo. Du coup, lors du séjour de mon amie Tazeem, je lui ai proposé qu’on teste le cours de cuisine d’Aminata.


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Koko Club : the kids friendly café in Kigali.

Founded by parents, the concept behind Koko Club was to have a space where kids can play together safely, while parent can chill with good and healthy food. The place is awesome and with my family, it is clearly our new Sunday ‘s spot.

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Visit Diani Beach

Diani Beach is a major beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, it is located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. It can be reached directly by plane, but from Kigali it was easy to have a flight to Mombasa , and then using the ferry and road to arrive at this small paradise .

This town was just a fishing place 40 years ago, but in the 70s when tourists wishing to come to Africa found Kenya the ideal place, as there was so much strife and problems in other African countries and it was the beginning of a touristic boom.  Hotels were built along the  coast road, which was at that time  a dusty road.  Since then Diani has continued to expend without losing its charm and simple atmosphere. You will not feel that you are in a very touristic area if you avoid the big hotels.

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Brussels 48h : the ultimate foodie guide!

Brussels is a beautiful city , and if you have the opportunity to visit, let me help you with my favorite food spots! For the cultural or shopping part, you will find lot of information on the internet, I will just recommend you to walk a lot. The beauty of this city is in its streets where you can make a lot of beautiful encounters!

So now let’s talk about food!

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