Koko Club : the kids friendly café in Kigali.

Founded by parents, the concept behind Koko Club was to have a space where kids can play together safely, while parent can chill with good and healthy food. The place is awesome and with my family, it is clearly our new Sunday ‘s spot.

If you live in Kigali, you know that keep little kids busy is not always easy. Of course, with this weather and a garden, they play a lot outside, but all parents missed a spot dedicated to children with an adapted and safe playground. Now, we have Koko Club and it is one of the best recent addition in Kigali.

And Koko club is not only for parents and kids, you can also go there to enjoy the food. French toasts, pancakes, avocado toast or salad bowls, all the items of the menu are delicious and well presented. So even if you don’t have kids, you can indulge yourself with a very good brunch à la carte every weekend. They also open evening now, and offer happy hour, supper club sometimes and dinner.

Koko club is also a good alternative if your toddler is not yet at daycare, they offer now different classes : music and songs, art craft or sensory exploration where your little one will have good time with others toddlers.

For more info check their website

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