Made in Rwanda : Sonia Mugabo

Sonia Mugabo is a young talented fashion designer. Over the past few years, her brand has become immensely successful. Sonia has a knack for bringing out the best in women and materials. Feminine and slightly vintage, her successive collections are different but they share a capacity to exalt our femininity. Her boutique is located next door to her workshop where her dressmakers are able to customize any outfit, to create one for you or simply to alter a piece of clothing from the shop.

Among her signature creations, you will find wrap dresses, pieces which fit all sizes, shirt dresses, 60’s-inspired skirts, blouses and off-the-shoulder shirts. Everything is cut out and sewn with utmost care. The finish is as delicate as the clothing.

Skirts and pretty prints
Skirts and pretty prints 

Made in Rwanda ' s Brand

If you wish to have a customized outfit done, give her a call ! You can trust her with your most important projects like your wedding gown or an outfit for an important occasion, production deadlines are reasonable and you will be delighted with your customized piece.

Feminity in the cut and choose of fabric
Feminity in the cut and choose of fabrics

Sonia has also released a collection for men, with beautifully-cut shirts. It seems that she is planning on launching a collection for children! I will keep you posted as soon as it happens and also when her brand is available abroad (this is a work-in-progress). In the meantime if you are in Rwanda, come and check out her lovely boutique and treat yourself with something pretty !

Adress : KG 399 street n 43 ( in front office Soleluna pizzeria)

Website :


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