This is Rwanda : Bernadette Umunyana & Dokmaï

Today I am glad to present you an other made in Rwanda brand that I really like a lot. Dokmai offers beautiful bags and accessories made in leather or vegan leather, mixed with wax . The workshop is in Kigali and give jobs to very qualified artisans. The collections change on a regular basis, and Bernadette is full of creativity. You can also make you own customized bag or any others accessories like a colorful laptop bag or wallet . I have few pieces and the quality is quite impressive, she also made for us the menu holder at the restaurant. Now I let Bernadette tell you more about her brand !

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Ibaba : embroidery made in Rwanda

Last week, I visited the Ibaba workshop in Rutongo and was totally amazed. I placed a customized order few weeks ago for a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby and I decided to go to the workshop to take my order instead of waiting in Kigali. I already knew their products but seeing the ladies behind the wonderful embroideries was so great.

Ibaba Rwanda is a social enterprise empowering women with a beautiful story. During the seventies, in Rutongo, Belgian nuns started to teach embroidery to help young women from the village . After the training, they could start working in the workshop earning a salary and adding an income for their families. This great initiative represented for many years a great source of empowerment for women of Rutongo . The women of Rutongo had an incredible expertise in embroidery and they were known beyond Rwanda’s borders. Having an embroidered piece from them was a must.

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Made in Rwanda : Sonia Mugabo

Sonia Mugabo is a young talented fashion designer. Over the past few years, her brand has become immensely successful. Sonia has a knack for bringing out the best in women and materials. Feminine and slightly vintage, her successive collections are different but they share a capacity to exalt our femininity. Her boutique is located next door to her workshop where her dressmakers are able to customize any outfit, to create one for you or simply to alter a piece of clothing from the shop.

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