One degree south in Gisenyi

If you don’t know me yet, I must confess that food is really really important for me ! One thing that I love is to discover new place with good food. Since two days, we are in Gisenyi. A beautiful city located near the Kivu Lake. And today, i spotted a new sign near the lake shore and decided to try it with the hubby. And it was WONDERFUL !


One degree South opened one month ago. So it is a very new addition here. First look, the decoraction is nice. Simple, but different of the usual plastic chairs and tables that you see almost everywhere here . There is a small beach and I am pretty sure that it is perfect to chill here for the sunset !

I was expecting nothing ( the best way to have good surprise, you know) and so when we received the menu i was like  » ohhhhhhh my godddddd » LEBANESE FOOD ( and a very design menu, which is also unusual here ). Lebanese food is one of our favorite food with the hubby. And we missed it a lot here in Rwanda.

It was lunch so we tried two cold mezze dishes with our skewers. And … How describe my emotions ? The hummus and the baba ganoush were PERFECT ! After three years in Rwanda i can tell you, we finally find a decent lebanese mezze in Rwanda ❤ !

Unfortunately not in Kigali .

Didn’t use my camera so, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but you know a coup de coeur is something spontaneous !

One degree South is located few meters after the tam tam restaurant bar, you will see the sign easily! Can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.

Their facebook page :

Telephone +250 785 533 000

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  1. I had just discovered this place on the internet, I can’t wait for us to open the border between Goma and Gisenyi to arrive on plcae
    Hope it will be amazing


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