Calafia Café in Gisenyi

There is since one or two years now, a very nice place in Gisenyi. It is clearly a must-go when you are in town. Calafia café is a little gem . The atmosphere , the decoration, the coffee, the pastries, everything here is always perfect and delicious. The waiters are lovely. The cafe is located near Grande Barrière. It is a old house which has been « pimped » . The feeling when you arrive is that you are now in a little oasis.

The touch of turquoise is probably the reason, but also the use of kitenge fabric for the cushions or the chairs. If i should describe in a trends , i would see it is a boheme chic with african details. You will find different rooms, the main where you can order, and others rooms with sofas or chairs. They have en excellent wifi and food from breakfast to dinner. You can clearly spend a all day there when Gisenyi is rainy. And it is exactly what we did.

Coffee is excellent, maybe one of the best you can have in Rwanda ( it is the production of Rwanda Trading Company ). For the food, we tried the French toast , the banana bread and the brownie. Nothing to say… Full of flavors, not to sweet, just a perfect balance for the pastries. Later that day, we came back for a late lunch. We tried the fish tacos ( served with a mango avocado salsa) which is my favorite in the menu. My husband took the chicken sandwich with Baja Salad, and it was really good. The menu is simple, but everything is fresh and tasty. They also have very good brochettes which is perfect when the happy hour comes! Because yes, they have an happy hour with some classic cocktails.

I think my love for Calafia café is clear. If you are in Gisenyi, take the time to go there for a quick fix of coffee or a tasty lunch. You will not regret it, it is like the perfect spot to chill and relax ! Oh and if you need a take-away, they do that also.

Calafia Café , Avenue de la Révolution ( in front of chez Nyanja), Gisenyi.

Telephone : 0787938125

Website :

Instagram : calafiacaferw

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