Lunch time in Kigali : Chap Chap

There is a lot of options for lunch in Kigali . Places where you can find indian, african, or asian food with most of the time buffet for the lunch. But if you are not in a buffet mood, i have something for you ! It is a small place but never crowded so you can just come by and order. The place is called Chap Chap, who means « quick ». It can also refer to the chapati that you can take there. There is actually two locations : one in Nyamirambo, the other one in Kicukiro. Food is the same at the two locations but my pictures has been done at Kicukiro.

So let’s talk about food. Chap Chap makes delicious stuffed chapati, also called Rolex (ugandan style). The chapati is an indian bread, easy to do and that you will find everywhere in east Africa. The influence of Indian food in the east african food is impressive, one day i should write something about that. So, this flat bread (almost looking as a pancake but less fluffy) is filled with veggies, curry spices and meat if you ask for it. It is really super tasty. And for 3500 rwf, a real affordable option for a quick lunch.

Chap Chap also offers pilau rice which is a complete plate of rice, like a african version of the sautéed rice. Didn’t try yet, but i will soon. They also have amazing fresh juice or lemonade. The Lemonade is my favorite, but the pineapple-ginger is also excellent.

As you can understand, I really love this place, good food, nice view and quick service, who needs more for a lunch?



Adress: KK 368 street (enter in the Soho Fitness to access the chap chap rooftop)
Telephone :  0782 832 668

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